Enrichment Seminar

Alongside Ministries offers training seminars for Pastors, Chaplains, Christian Teachers etc. Many topics are available but the ones most commonly requested are “Dealing with Conflict” and “Avoiding Ministry Crash and Burn”.

A certificate of participation is issued to each seminar participant. These may be used to meet requirements for professional development for Pastors, Teachers etc.

Seminars are conducted by our Director and/or other experienced Pastors and educators. Resources are provided for later review and training.

In the Brisbane area seminars are often offered during an existing Church or School conference. In country areas seminars are usually arranged through a local group such as a ministers’ fraternal.

Alongside Ministries is keen to assist those who normally find it difficult to access training and support. Ian and Margaret do their best to meet any request from a country group who would appreciate a seminar, Ministry and Lifestyle Reviews etc. We appreciate donations to cover expenses for travel and accommodation but our response to an invitation is made on the basis of need rather than financial considerations.

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