Alongside Ministries is developing a range of resources which are useful to those serving in ministry. As training DVD’s and books are released, these will be made available through training seminars and this website.

The following articles (in PDF form) may be downloaded free of charge:

Church Conflict Checkup

Within every church and Christian organization there is the potential for conflict between Christians. The Church Conflict Checkup helps to identify symptoms of conflict before they become divisive and destructive. Downloads include a copy of the survey as well as a guide to administering the survey.

Church Conflict Checkup: Download (PDF)
Making the most of the Church Conflict Checkup: Download (PDF)

Considerations in the Ministry Appointment Process

Negotiating an appointment to a ministry position is fraught with pitfalls for the unwary. This article outlines some of the questions that need to be asked in the process.

Download (PDF)

Model Grievance Policy for Churches

Many churches do not have a structured method of dealing with grievances within the church family, including grievances against pastors and church leaders. This model policy may be used as a basis for writing a policy suitable for a church or Christian organisation.

Download (PDF)

When making the right decision isn’t enough

Christian leaders often make “right” decisions, but fail to adequately care for people in the implementation of those decisions. This article provides useful suggestions on how to care for people in the decision making process.

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