Ministry and Lifestyle Reviews

Busyness and external pressures make it difficult for Pastors, Chaplains, Christian teachers etc to maintain healthy relationships and spiritual and mental balance. A Ministry and Lifestyle Review is a one hour session with an experienced pastor. Before the session participants complete a questionnaire which asks questions on topics including:

  >  Physical Health
  >  Spiritual Health
  >  Emotional Health
  >  Sense of Call
  >  Family Relationships
  >  Boundaries and Ministry/Family Balance
  >  Conflict Levels
  >  Time Management
  >  Support levels

During these review the mentor will look for indications of burnout or stress breakdown and make recommendations for future support. It is common for those who undergo a Ministry and Lifestyle Review to then request ongoing support through a Care Package. The current charge for a Ministry and Lifestyle Review is $50 + GST. This fee is waived for those who opt for a Care Package. copyright © 2005 Alongside Ministries Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this website may be used without expressed written consent from the author.