Crisis Care


Pastors and Christian workers in crisis often need to debrief to someone outside their situation, someone who understands the context in which they serve. Alongside Ministries seeks to support those in crisis by provide an experienced pastor who will listen, pray and encourage. Referrals are made through denominational leaders, colleagues or by direct contact from the pastor or Christian worker. No charge is made for this service although some recipients choose to make a contribution for the care they have received.

Alongside Ministries is compiling a register of low cost family accommodation available to pastors and Christian workers who need to take a break. This information will be made available in the information booklet which is given to those receiving care packages.

On occasion pastors have a need for someone to fill in at short notice for a service, funeral etc. Knowing that a competent replacement is available relieves some stress in situations where a pastor is forced to step aside through illness, family emergencies etc. Alongside Ministries has a list of ministers in the Brisbane area who are willing to meet this need as they are able.

Enquiries regarding crisis care may be made by phoning Alongside Ministries on 07 3118 5175 or by email at copyright 2005 Alongside Ministries Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this website may be used without expressed written consent from the author.